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From Idea to Glass.


High-quality jars for foods, bottles for wine, olive oil, spirits and liquors. A wide range of items where even the simplest shapes represent appealing solutions that are perfectly balanced in the surface characteristics and distribution of the glass.

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Standard and personalised bottles for perfumery and cosmetics, like glass bottles for nail polish, creams, air fresheners and glass stoppers. Through its brands, it satisfies all market segments, from luxury to mass market, passing through masstige, and lifestyle.

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With a wide, versatile, and diversified offer, and a product quality that is difficult to match, Zignago Vetro has stood out over time as a reference brand at an international level in the production of hollow glass containers.

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Traded on the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan, in the STAR segment, Zignago Vetro has been at the forefront in the national and international packaging market since the 1950s for its high-quality glass.

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Immagine The Night of Glass: 24th November at the Cloud Business Center in Paris

| Group

The Night of Glass: 24th November at the Cloud Business Center in Paris

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Glass Vallée -  The Night of Glass” will take place on 24th November from 5.30 p.m. onwards at the Cloud Business Center in Paris, France. Zignago Vetro will be there: how could we not be, given how exceptional this event is in its scope and the personality of its guests?

Immagine Video Sustainability

| Sustainability

Video Sustainability

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At Zignago Vetro, every day we take a few small steps on a journey towards a precise destination: sustainability. Glass is a material that can be recycled ad infinitum. It educates us: for this reason, we have made glass cullet our principal raw material.

Immagine Another step by Zignago Vetro in support of art and artists

09/11/2022 | Group

Another step by Zignago Vetro in support of art and artists

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Last year, our Group decided to launch a project under the name “Zignago Vetro and Art”. A part of our assets is set aside and devoted to the promotion of certain artistic activities and up-and-coming artists that have captured the attention of the company. A virtuous exchange has thus been set in motion between art and business and, step by step, a project is being constructed that is useful for developing a common artistic sensibility.