Circular Economy by Zignago Vetro

Today, glass cullet is Zignago Vetro’s main raw material: using cullet makes it possible to reduce the energy consumption necessary for its fusion, to lower CO₂ emissions, to lower the consumption of virgin raw materials, and to dispose a smaller quantity of wastes in landfills.

The Group is spearheading circular economy for the entire glass packaging industry: the raw material coming from glass recycling is a priority for its production process.

Zignago Vetro's commitment to recycling and the use of cullet is demonstrated by the important investments made over the years in plants for the collection and processing of glass cullet. Zignago Vetro operates through three companies:

1. Vetreco S.r.l. since 2012
2. Vetro Revet S.r.l. since 2017
3. Julia Vitrum S.p.A. Founded in 2019

The Group continues to invest in the recycling chain in order to improve the process and increase the amount of recycling itself. It is also involved in several actions whose purpose is to increase clients’ and consumers’ awareness of recycling: the company collaborates with glass associations on both national and European levels (FEVE and Assovetro) in order to promote the quality and quantity of collected glass.

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ESG Framework

To spread and fully enact the environmental sustainability objectives, Zignago Vetro has decided to create a complete ESG FRAMEWORK.