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The Zignago Vetro Group works on the international cosmetics & perfumery market under the brands Zignago Vetro and Zignago Brosse. Its wide range of products including standard and personalised containers for nail polish, skin care products, as well as air fresheners and glass stoppers, are made with the most sophisticated automated technology as well as traditional semi-automatic machines.

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Zignago Brosse

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One of the leader brands on the international market for high-end perfumery and cosmetics, Zignago Brosse is synonymous with luxury packaging. It is highly specialised and offers high quality products, known for the sharpness of the glass and its sophisticated design, that exalt the brands and their characteristics.

Zignago Vetro

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It has one of the largest collections of glass containers on the market and it offers products that combine classic designs with current trends. Ideal solutions both for niche markets requiring a high level of quality and service, as well as for mass market products that need large quantities. Their refined aesthetics and attention to details make Zignago Vetro a consolidated brand in the masstige and lifestyle sectors.

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In addition to developing custom products, where the Group stands out for its expertise and technical skill, the range is completed with standard solutions that are always in stock and can be personalised through numerous and sophisticated secondary processing. High quality accessories complete the service.