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Zignago Vetro operates in the global Cosmetics & Perfumery market, satisfying every segment with its excellent products, from the mass market to the special needs of the luxury sector. The company always offers, apart from its numerous (and customizable) glass packaging options, outstanding expertise in its field.

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Our solutions in support of beauty


The range we have designed for the beauty sector is extremely varied. Our vast collection of glass packaging includes containers for perfumes and for the world of cosmetics, make-up, nail varnishes and skin care products, as well as air fresheners, glass stoppers and factice bottles (large-sized replicas created for promotional purposes), as well as special containers dedicated for the luxury market.

These are all highly appealing solutions, perfectly balanced in their characteristics of surface, brilliance and distribution of the glass, which display a satisfying combination of classical design and current trends. The wide variety of our creations is made possible by the large production capacity of Zignago Vetro’s various production facilities, in which avant-garde technology is employed to satisfy the demands of any project.


Apart from the development of standard solutions that are always in stock, and which can be personalized using a variety of sophisticated secondary processes, our range is completed by custom products, for which the Group can boast great professionalism and technical skills. Our service is further integrated by the ability to supply top-quality accessories, such as caps, pumps and brushes.


More specifically:

Zignago Vetro offers various services for carrying out secondary processes, designed to make your product unique. We can perform lacquering and silk-screen printing in our internal decoration department based at the Zignago Vetro Polska facility. Also, the production plant of Zignago Vetro France can offer specific processes designed for Cosmetics & Perfumery products, such as grinding, polishing and feeder coloration. Moreover, a wide range of secondary processing services is also available thanks to our highly dependable network of partners, all aimed at highlighting to the full the essence of each brand and product.