ESG Framework

To spread and fully enact the environmental sustainability objectives, Zignago Vetro has decided to create a complete ESG FRAMEWORK, structured as follows.

The ESG framework has been integrated into the business strategy, with the aim of completely aligning the interests of internal and external stakeholders.

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ESG GOVERNANCE: the Board of Directors has appointed an internal ESG Committee, made up of 7 Top Managers;


ESG COORDINATOR: guarantees, manages and improves the implementation of the ESG principles within the company;


ESG CONSULTANTS: external experts that offer consultancy on ESG topics;


ESG POLICIES: integrated in all operative procedures of the Group;


THE ESG OBJECTIVES SYSTEM AND MEASUREMENT OF THEIR ACHIEVEMENT: the ESG objectives are set yearly in a specific roadmap. In addition, since 2020, the Group has associated a paid incentive policy for administrators and managers;


ESG STRATEGY: starting with the 2030 Agenda set by the United Nations, the Committee has written an Agenda up to 2025, with intermediate objectives and a list of KPIs for the Group.

The ESG approach is based on 3 fundamental pillars: Environment, Social, Governance.

Fully aware of its own role for sustainable development, Zignago Vetro has linked its own activities to the UN 2030 Agenda with the aim to give its contribution in reaching the SDGs (Standard Development Goals). Due to the type of business and the operational characteristics of the Group, Zignago Vetro focuses mainly on the following goals:

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