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The great efficiency, flexibility and reliability of our company and the outstanding quality of our products make Zignago Vetro one of the most sought-after brands for Food & Beverage solutions. Its ranges designed for this sector are divided up between standard and personalized collections, with solutions that can satisfy the demands of all markets, including that of luxury, with glass packaging characterized by sophisticated and classic shapes, all displaying an absolute quest for perfection.

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The range offers numerous solutions to satisfy any type of request: from high-quality jars and bottles for foods such as baby foods, tomato sauces, containers for desserts and spices, as well as bottles for still and sparkling wines, non-alcoholic drinks, olive oil, liqueurs and spirits.

The range is completed by a selection of glass stoppers.

Zignago Vetro also offers packaging solutions designed for the world of luxury, dedicated for premium spirits and liqueurs, and characterized by very pure, super flint glass with shiny surfaces. The products are available in various shapes, grammages, and in four colors: UVAG, green, flint and half flint. Every standard model can also be personalized to enhance the identity of the product in question.


Apart from the development of standard solutions that are always in stock, and which can be personalized using a variety of sophisticated secondary processes, our range is completed by custom products, for which the Group can boast great professionalism and technical skills.


More specifically:

Zignago Vetro offers various services for carrying out secondary processes, designed to make your product unique. We can perform lacquering and silk-screen printing in our internal decoration department based at the Zignago Vetro Polska facility. A wide range of secondary personalization services is also available thanks to our numerous and highly dependable network of partners.