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The Zignago Vetro Group offers a wide range of items: glass jars for food, bottles, magnum and flasks for still and sparkling wines, olive oil, spirits, liquors and much more. Available in a number of shapes, sizes, colours and capacities, the products are made through the use of the most sophisticated automated technology as well as with more traditional semi-automatic production for small lots.

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Zignago Brosse

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In the field of luxury spirits and liquor, Zignago Brosse satisfies all market needs with the production of sophisticated shapes and the search for absolute perfection: the highest quality glass and transparency, in support of prestige.

Zignago Vetro

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The high level of efficiency and the high level of product quality make Zignago Vetro one of the most in-demand brands in the food & beverage market. Flexible and reliable, its range is divided into standard and personalised collections, and satisfies all market segments, from mid-high to mass market.

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The standard range, always in stock, can be customised through a number of sophisticated secondary processing supplied in-house or through specialised partners. Personalised products satisfy the most specific customer needs, complex and creative shapes, with a strong appeal, that translate into iconic packaging.