Since the 1950s, Zignago Vetro has been one of the leaders of the national and international glass packaging industry, now present in the food & beverage and cosmetics & perfumery markets.


Today the Zignago Vetro Group is among the main producers of hollow glass containers in Italy and one of the most important at an international level. A result that comes from continuous growth and important acquisitions, leading to development and profit, protecting employment and positively impacting the welfare and economic context of the areas.

During the course of this year, Zignago Vetro has continued its process of unification and consolidation of the brand. In particular, Zignago Vetro Brosse, the company recognized worldwide for its products destined for the top brands, has changed its name to Zignago Vetro France, underlining in a straightforward way its intimate connection with the rest of the Group.


Zignago Vetro acquired Italian Glass Moulds S.r.l. (IGM), a company in Portogruaro specializing in the production and sales of molds for the glass industry. Thanks to its innovative instruments and its consolidated know-how, it has become a fundamental  part of the Group’s everyday operations.


Julia Vitrum S.p.A. was founded, working in the glass recycling sector together with Vetro Revet and Vetreco: it is planned to open in 2021.
In the same year the Group underwent a re-branding process: the companies changed their business names (Verreries Brosse became Zignago Vetro Brosse and Huta Czechy has been renamed Zignago Vetro Polska), the brand was unified, and the company image reinforced to compete at an international level.


Zignago Vetro acquired control over Vetro Revet (51% for Zignago Vetro Spa and 49% Revet Spa) a company, like Vetreco, working in transforming glass cullet from separate collection to be reused in glass factories.


The American economic crisis led to difficulties in the high-end segment of the cosmetics & perfumery market. Zignago Vetro decided to relaunch the sales office in the United States with the objective of broaching the entire market, not just the luxury segment: and so Zignago Glass USA was founded.


Together with another two partners, Zignago Vetro founded Vetreco S.r.l., holding 30% of its shares, working in the transformation of glass cullet from separate collection and its reuse in glass companies.


Huta Skla Czechy S.A. was purchased, a glass company that was already active in the first half of the XIX century, industry leader in Poland, at the time under the Russian Empire. Following nationalisation, which happened at the end of World War II, the facility was mainly dedicated to the manufacture of glass packaging for the cosmetics market. In March 2011, with the acquisition on the part of Zignago Vetro, the company was expanded and modernised. A further investment, completed in 2017, increased its production and introduced new glass decoration options. Today, under the name Zignago Vetro Polska, its range of products is esteemed by some of the most important international clients in the cosmetics and perfumery market, as well as in the food and alcoholic beverage one.


Zignago Vetro was listed in the Italian Stock Exchange in the STAR segment.


From the beginning of the 1990s Zignago Vetro began operating in the special containers sector, through the acquisition of shares in two glass manufacturing companies specialised in that sector. The acquisitions then led, in 2004, to the incorporation of the current Vetri Speciali S.p.A., a leading international company in the manufacture of glass containers for the premium range in the food & beverage market, known for the extreme versatility of its products together with the application of the most advanced, top-of-the-line technology.


With the aim of expanding the products range and breaking into the luxury perfume market, in 2002 Verreries Brosse was acquired, now Zignago Vetro France. The company, founded in 1892, consolidated over the years its leadership in the semi-automatic production of “High-End Perfumery”. In 1921 it created the packaging for Chanel N.5 and, on the back of this success, the company was commissioned to create a number of other luxury bottles. In the 1960s it took on a leading role with the development of new shapes both in Europe and America.
In 2002 Zignago Vetro also acquired Verreries Brosse USA which targeted the luxury cosmetics & perfumery market in the United States.


At the end of the 1990s the company became a world leader in the production of bottles for nail polish. The product range for cosmetics and perfumery diversified and the company began manufacturing bottles for perfumes aimed at the mass market. At the same time, in the food & beverage market sector, the Empoli facility was further developed.


The company expanded its manufacturing capacity through the acquisition of Del Vivo Vetro in Empoli (later renamed Zignago Vetro Empoli) which manufactured bottles for wine and for olive oil in coloured glass. The facilities were upgraded and the equipment was modernised introducing electronics in both the production of the bottles and their control.


Zignago Vetro was founded and had its first facility in Fossalta di Portogruaro. The founder’s objective was to radically transform the quality of agricultural work through the mechanisation of manufacturing methods and professional training. The glassworks had already begun diversifying their products in order to serve the food & beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceutical markets.


Zignago Vetro has its roots in the middle of the last century, when, upon the initiative of Gaetano Marzotto, a vast expanse of previously uncultivated land was converted into agro-industrial manufacturing, which then led to glass manufacturing.