Zignago Vetro is constantly focused on the innovation of their products and processes. With this aim, there is a dedicated in-house team made up of representatives from each department in the company.

Used to thinking outside the box

A constant dialogue and a continuous exchange of technical and manufacturing knowledge between the business units dedicated to food & beverage and cosmetics & perfumery favours the work of the sales teams which, in this manner, are able to offer clients complete and evolved solutions.

Process innovation

Process innovation is represented by the modernisation of the existing production facilities with the latest generation technology as well as the addition of new equipment. Its interest in opening to new things has led the Group to develop, over time, high levels of flexibility and efficiency: the facilities have technological characteristics that allow for quick format changes and characteristics, so they can respond to shifts in demands in a timely manner. Elasticity, together with the high level of technology and staff specialisation and training, guarantee astounding operative efficiency. Their constant attention to innovation and the combination of a semi-automatic production process with one that is completely automated, over the years, has made Zignago Vetro the only glass manufacturer in Europe capable of offering an entire range of solutions needed by companies working in the food & beverage and cosmetics & perfumery markets: from miniatures to display factice, bottles and carafes, to jars for creams and smaller bottles, in addition to glass stoppers, in quantities ranging from a few thousand pieces to large runs.

Product innovation

Product innovation is always ongoing: the research and development department is constantly working on the latest solutions focusing on quality, reliability and sustainability. The study of a diverse range of shapes and the differentiation of products has led the Group to satisfy an increasingly wider and more sophisticated market segment, offering efficient glass packaging for the fillers that is also enticing for the consumer, with the latest solutions also in secondary processing and personalisation. Among Zignago Vetro’s innovations is the patented “Up & Down®” technology, which allows for thicker glass in the shoulder of the bottle and a perfect symmetry with the base, for an unrivalled appeal.