A leader in our industry for Water Security and Climate Change.


Once again, Zignago Vetro’s CDP ratings for the year have arrived: the results for 2023 have shown themselves to be incredibly positive.


The ratings

Zignago Vetro was judged in two categories: Water Security and Climate Change.

In the former, our company maintained its excellent score of A-, distinguishing itself for aspects such as its corporate impact, accounting of water resources, and water-related risk assessment. As regards Climate Change, on the other hand, Zignago Vetro registered a notable improvement, rising from a B rating to a solid A-, scoring highly for various characteristics within this category.


In both cases, Zignago Vetro confirms its position as a leader in its sector, obtaining ratings that are above both the European and global averages. 


But what is CDP?

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an international non-profit organization offering businesses, local authorities, governments and investors a global system for measuring and reporting their environmental impact. CDP’s ratings report enables companies like Zignago Vetro to make advances in their environmental management through benchmarking and comparison with counterparts in the same sector. This allows for a constant improvement of governance with regard to climate change. 

For Zignago Vetro, these ratings represent a fundamental touchstone. They indicate to the company whether the measures we have taken to protect the environment are appropriate, if they need to be improved or if they should be maintained. Being aware of these evaluations provides a precious guide for planning our future actions, thus guaranteeing our ongoing commitment to sustainability and responsible management of environmental resources.

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