A new campaign for Zignago Vetro.


From a vision to an idea. From an idea to a shape. From a shape to a product.


Every one of Zignago Vetro’s products is a result of this process, which has at its heart innovation, a creative vision and – above all – an affinity with people who share their ideas with us, thus allowing us to turn them into reality.


With You, We Create Worlds

This spirit is encompassed in the claim that is the guide to our new campaign: “With you, we create Worlds.” These few words embody Zignago Vetro’s desire to always put innovation and people at the center of its development.


Our products represent a combination of aesthetics and functionality, in which every detail reflects a commitment to giving a shape to creativity in constantly new ways, respecting the vision and ideas of those who put their trust in us.


Together, we create worlds and celebrate the art of giving a shape to ideas, a concept that permeates the image and style of every Zignago Vetro product.

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