A new episode, in partnership with Gambero Rosso, is now available.


A glass bottle can live an infinite number of lives. But what happens between one and the next?

 Today, thanks to our collaboration with Gambero Rosso, we have decided to answer this question in a different way: by showing it in a special episode that retraces, step by step, the voyage of a recycled glass bottle.



A bottle, cullet, and then a bottle again: this is the story we decided to tell.
To do so, we started off at Julia Vitrum, where the used bottles are converted from mere waste to cullet, ready to be remelted. From there, we continued our voyage towards Zignago Vetro, the place where the red-hot drops of molten glass finally assume the shape that will mark the beginning of their new life.

We very much hope that you will enjoy watching this fascinating cycle, in which the forms of the glass change whilst leaving one fundamental aspect unaltered: the positive impact that the entire process has on our planet.