A new product has been added to our range.


Zignago Vetro’s range dedicated to Cosmetics & Perfumery has been expanded, this time with an innovative product patented by Zignago Vetro: Giotto Duo.

The result of continuous experimentation and the search for new solutions that can satisfy an ever more demanding market, Giotto Duo is the first container to offer an integrated and functional glass separator: a new feature that makes this product more sustainable compared to alternatives that use multi-materials.

Its characteristics

Thanks to the separator, this glass packaging can contain two products in one: a feature that not only provides a benefit in economic terms but also great efficiency for consumers, who will conveniently be able to have two perfectly separate products in a single container, that they can then mix directly at the time of application.

Giotto duo is totally made of glass. This, apart from constituting an advantage from the point of view of sustainability, allows one to avoid having to test for compatibility between the contents and the container. Indeed glass, which by its very nature is chemically inert, never interferes with what it contains; on the contrary, it preserves it better.


Like all of Zignago Vetro’s packs, Giotto Duo may also be adapted to the specific requirements of a given project. For example, the new feature could be applied to shapes other than the standard round one. To complete our offer, numerous accessories will also be available: caps with different aesthetic characteristics to customize the product even more.