Another step by Zignago Vetro in support of art and artists


Last year, our Group decided to launch a project under the name “Zignago Vetro and Art”. A part of our assets is set aside and devoted to the promotion of certain artistic activities and up-and-coming artists that have captured the attention of the company. A virtuous exchange has thus been set in motion between art and business and, step by step, a project is being constructed that is useful for developing a common artistic sensibility.

Our ultimate goal is to promote culture as a stimulus for enriching society and the world in which we live, inspiring new, shared emotions. The means for doing this is concrete support for the organizations and artists that seek to highlight different forms of expression in the artistic and cultural sphere.

After supporting painting in 2021, the initiative we have chosen for 2022 is the Gambrinus Mazzotti Literary Prize, dedicated to the best writing on the themes of the mountains, ecology and nature, akin to the corporate direction concentrating on sustainability undertaken by Zignago Vetro. Zignago Vetro is sponsoring and will take part in the awards ceremony of the 40th edition, which will take place on 12th November in Treviso, in the Borsa Room of the Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce.

Our project, then, places a spotlight on – carefully selected – artistic enterprises present in the area in which the company operates. We choose artists who, thanks to their creativity, open up new visions of the world, modifying and accentuating our perception of the beauty that surrounds us. In this way, our Group wishes to express forcefully the intrinsic values of its brand, in which research, innovation, technology and sustainability come together to define new standards of production. That is why Zignago Vetro is on art’s side.

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