CDP Ratings: Zignago Vetro’s CDP ratings are higher than the global average


Zignago Vetro has received its ratings from CDP, the certifying body in the field of ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance), which has for several years now evaluated the Group on two fronts: its management of water and that of its emissions of greenhouse gases.

The ratings shown in the report are undoubtedly satisfying.

As regards emissions, the Group maintains a “B” rating, meaning that Zignago Vetro is one of the 52% of companies in the category of the “Management level”. This outcome is more than positive, considering that the global average has dropped from “B-” to “C”.

The results are excellent, especially as regards aspects such as the direct and indirect emissions generated by the company, our processes for risk management and disclosure, and our governance.

Our improvement in water management is obvious. From a “B” rating, Zignago Vetro has risen to a very significant “A-“, thus taking the Group up to “Leadership level”: in other words, we currently implement the best methods for managing problems relating to water.

These ratings are a source of pride and satisfaction for Zignago Vetro, but that is not all. They are also indicators of the positive impact that the Group’s actions are having on the environment and a stimulus to do even more to improve the future of our planet.

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