Hope, in the shape of a sailing boat


Zignago Vetro has finalized another important partnership.

This time it is with AIL (the Italian Association against Leukemia, Lymphomas and Myelomas), whose “Sognando Itaca” project it has financed by making a direct contribution to the AIL Sections in Venice and Florence.


This association, which has always been a point of reference for patients and their families, is committed day in and day out to fighting the battle against these pathologies of the blood, supporting scientific research and continuously offering information and assistance to all those who are suffering the long-term effects of the diseases.


“Sognando Itaca”

The project backed by Zignago Vetro stems from awareness of a fact: the psychological, social and environmental aspects affecting the person involved can have an influence on the evolution of the disease. For this reason, AIL is constantly organizing specific dedicated events throughout Italy.


One of these is “Sognando Itaca” (“Dreaming of Ithaca”), an initiative that has now been relaunched after the difficult years of the pandemic, spreading the word about the importance of psychological and social rehabilitation activities (in a broad sense) as an instrument for accompanying onco-hematological patients during the course of their cure.


The event

The initiative has taken tangible form in a voyage on a sailing boat, an example of rehabilitation conducted in the open air, in contact with nature. This journey began on Saturday 10th June in Trieste and will conclude on Friday 23rd June in Brindisi, stopping off along the way in Venice, Ravenna, Rimini, Pesaro, Ancona, Pescara and Bari.


And it is in these ports that the “Itaca Days”, organized by the Provincial Sections of AIL that are involved, take place. On these occasions, the patients of the local Hematology Centers, accompanied by their doctors and nurses, have the possibility to go aboard the AIL yacht to enjoy the experience of sailing for approximately three hours.


Zignago Vetro had the pleasure of taking part in the event on the occasion of the press conference organized for the Itaca Day in Venice, expressing the company’s desire to be in the front line for this cause, restoring hope, this time in the shape of a sailing boat.

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