Innovation and flexibility: the keys to Zignago Vetro’s growth.


Progressiveness; research and development; care; sustainability. 


These are the principles that characterize our everyday activities at Zignago Vetro, contributing not only to the tasks we carry out each day, but also to the company’s ongoing evolution. 


Growth is a central topic for Zignago Vetro, as underlined by Biagio Costantini, our Chief Executive Officer, in the interview published in the Quotidiano Nazionale newspapers. 


The concepts behind our growth 

Two key words emerge from this interview: innovation and flexibility. 


Innovation has enabled the company – from the very beginning – to produce top-quality packaging, destined for the whole world. Flexibility, on the other hand, is the essential condition for guaranteeing constant growth, in spite of inevitable fluctuations in the market.


Together, these concepts are guiding the company towards a future that is of outstanding value: for those who make use of Zignago Vetro’s products, for those who produce them, and especially for society and the environment.


This and much more can be found in the article containing the entire interview.

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