ISO 50001 certification: the route towards energy efficiency.


Zignago Vetro has obtained ISO 50001 certification, a document issued by SGS relating to the Energy Management System recently implemented at our Italian facilities at Fossalta and Empoli.

This is a certification, but above all an instrument which, in the hands of Zignago Vetro, represents a fundamental resource for continuing our progress towards greater energy efficiency.

ISO 50001: what is it?
This recognition refers to ISO 50001, a set of rules published in updated form on 20th August 2018, which defines an international standard for guiding organizations and companies in implementing an Energy Management System (EMS).

It provides precise requirements for constantly improving energy performance, with the objective of increasing energy efficiency, reducing costs, and obtaining an overall improvement in performance in terms of the use of resources.

A practical instrument
For Zignago Vetro, this certification goes beyond being a mere formality, constituting as it does an important means for optimizing the management of energy resources within our plants, and introducing wherever possible the use of energy from renewable sources or with less environmental impact.

This is, therefore, an instrument that is both important and necessary for achieving one of the company’s key objectives: to have an ever-decreasing impact on the environment and on the contexts in which Zignago Vetro’s establishments operate, whilst at the same time promoting responsible and informed growth.

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