New sanitizers line


Seeing the increasing demand for hand sanitisers and sanitisers in general, Zignago Vetro has decided to dedicate a selection of products for this use.

All the items in the catalogue can be used for disinfectant solutions. Specifically:

– in PERFUMERY any items with FEA and SCREW neck finish;

– in COSMETICS all SKINCARE bottles.


Glass packaging can also be used for a variety of hygiene products based on specific client needs:

– surface disinfectants;

– disinfectants for masks and fabrics;

– DIY disinfectants;

– hand sanitisers;

– disinfectant perfumes and Eau De Cologne.


Packaging by Zignago Vetro is sustainable: glass is 100% infinitely recyclable and without waste. By choosing a glass container for hygiene solutions, you contribute to fighting against pollution and supporting circular economy. Glass packaging is hygienic, safe, free from toxic substances and does not alter the scent of its contents. Products with screw neck finish allow for quick and easy removal of caps and capsules, facilitating:

  • separate collection;
  • refilling options.


For more information, contact the sales office.


For your health, choose glass.
Safer together.

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