Our 2023 EcoVadis Score: it’s Platinum once again for the Group.


Excellent news: Zignago Vetro has once again obtained EcoVadis’ Platinum Medal, a great achievement that bears witness to the company’s commitment to promoting sustainable practices.


The EcoVadis rating, which focuses on four crucial areas (environment, working practices and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement), was more than positive, confirming Zignago Vetro’s position among the top 1% of companies that underwent this evaluation.


This accolade is clearly a motive of great pride for the Group, which has for a long time now been committed to making sustainability an integral part of all its operations, but that’s not all. 


It is also a clear signal of the concrete contribution that Zignago Vetro is making at an environmental and social level towards real change and a better future.

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