The 2022 Sustainability Report: our commitment, results and objectives.


Zignago Vetro is proud to announce the publication of its Sustainability Report for 2022, a document that summarizes in its pages the commitment, results and objectives that have characterized the work carried out by the Group during the course of the year.

As the Group’s CEO, Roberto Cardini, tells us in his “Letter to the Stakeholders”, 2022 stood out due the Group’s important growth with regard to sustainability, but also on the economic/financial front.

Results and projects
Among the most interesting achievements is undoubtedly the notable percentage of production obtained from PCR glass: 53.4%, much higher than the goals we had set ourselves.
To this can be added the figures relating to energy efficiency: the quantity of energy used to produce every ton of glass has been reduced once more, down -2.4% compared to the previous year, while the share of energy resources we used that came from renewable sources was close to 45% of the total.
Excellent results were also registered with regard to limiting our use of water resources, where ever more careful industrial production management allowed us to reduce our water consumption per ton of molten glass by more than -36%.

We also draw your attention to a whole series of projects undertaken and supported by the Group in order to create ever more value in the environmental, social and economic spheres.

A first step towards new objectives
The Report also represents a benchmark for the future, which will see the Group involved in both short- and long-term objectives that are increasingly ambitious and challenging: new goals that guarantee the creation of added value, for the Group and for all those connected with it.

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