The H2O bottle: an icon of circularity


Glass is one of the symbols of the circular economy par excellence, and it is an intrinsic part of the work we do at Zignago Vetro to communicate this particular characteristic. This time we have done so by giving it a tangible shape, that of our H2O Bottle.

An ancient shape, for a contemporary use
This original container was devised to communicate directly with consumers, thanks to its design that encompasses the past, present, and future.

Its shape in fact emulates the old-fashioned one of the milk bottles of the past. Its contemporary touch, on the other hand, comes from the relief on the body of the bottle, with its succession of semi-cylinders that create a three-dimensional wave effect, which confers an ergonomic and practical functionality of use to the container. It is an object with a timeless design, devised to be used and reused for a whole host of purposes.

An important note should also be made about the material used. The bottle contains more than 80% recycled glass from urban waste collection, a fact that conveys in a clear and definite manner the very essence of glass: it is hygienic and infinitely recyclable.


One bottle, one project, a thousand uses

In 2022, the H2O Bottle was chosen and customized by CoReVe for its awareness campaign “The water of Rome…drink it out of glass!”, and it will be distributed to Roman families during the course of 2023.

The initiative for which the bottle will become a symbol has set itself various goals: to promote the use of tap water and incentivize a reduction in the amount of waste that is produced, as well as encouraging its correct sorting, with the aim of efficacious saving in terms of raw materials and energy.

The H2O Bottle has thus become a tangible symbol of change towards a more sustainable future, inspiring not only individual companies but the entire community, inviting it to adopt sustainable practices and make informed choices.

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