The “L. 30” bottle of Zignago Brosse line in a limited edition to celebrate a special moment


In August, Zignago Vetro Brosse, the French production site of the Zignago Vetro Group, carried out the refurbishment of furnace 3, which will allow for a slight increase in production capacity, as well as a further improvement in energy efficiency.

To celebrate this moment, the company donated to its employees a customized bottle of the line L.30 Zignago Brosse, embellished with the company logo, the furnace number and the date of the event. This bottle, in addition to perfectly fit solutions for perfumery and cosmetics – such as hand-care, is part of the Sanitizers range. Sanitizers’ line products are designed and manufactured to guarantee the highest respect for the environment: they are reusable, thanks to finishes designed to facilitate the refill of the content, and easily recyclable, given the simplicity of separation of the plastic parts from those in glass.

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