The sea will live if we look after it with love


Protecting and looking after the sea should be something we all do – because the sea is life. For this reason, we at Zignago Vetro have decided to make a concrete contribution by making a sizeable donation to Marevivo, which has taken care of the health of our seas for thirty years now. We have done so to support a cleaning-up operation at Le Formiche, in the Tuscan Archipelago off the coast of Grosseto. Here, on the seabed, there was a very large ghost net around 200 meters long, which had to be recovered and disposed of because it was extremely harmful for the ecosystem. The operation, which took place on 24th and 25th February, was a success, and now – for the fish who live in it – the sea off Grosseto is a better place to be. This is a contribution of which we are particularly proud, partly because it involved a very beautiful stretch of sea. Thanks to this donation, Zignago Vetro’s commitment to protecting the environment and sustainability continues, so that we can all live in the best possible world.

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