Treedom and Zignago Vetro: our forest is getting bigger!



That’s the number of trees in Zignago Vetro’s forest, created in partnership with Treedom and spread out around the world. This year, the company has once again decided to enlarge it and so increase its positive effects.

A forest for everyone

The reasons that Zignago Vetro has decided to continue donating can be summarized in three points: for our planet, for communities, and to create value for the future.

For our planet, because new trees accelerate the reduction of the CO2 that is emitted, contributing at the same time to the protection of biodiversity. For the communities that will take care of them, because for them the forest will be a source of income and of food. And for creating value in the future, because we know how much a small but significant gesture can have an influence on all of us and on the quality of our lives, both today and tomorrow. 

Zignago Vetro’s commitment to constructing a better future remains our constant priority, now and forever. For the time being, this vision is being materialized through our collaboration with Treedom, but we are always open to exploring new opportunities to make our mission even more tangible.

For a virtual “visit” to Zignago Vetro’s forest, you only have to open this link.

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