With Treedom, Zignago Vetro has planted a forest of more than 4600 trees in 8 countries


The positive impact on the planet of Zignago Vetro’s actions is always a priority: a concept that is demonstrated every day in the company’s work, but also in important external actions that the Group decides to take part in each year.


An example is the use that the Group has made for some years now of the Treedom platform.


This is a company which, since 2010, has allowed private people and businesses to plant trees in other countries, and then – if they wish – monitor their growth and development. As of today, Treedom boasts a “global forest” of over 3 million trees.


Of these, more than 4600 are part of the Zignago Vetro Forest, located in no less than 8 countries around the world. Ours is a forest that is constantly growing in size, and will not limit itself to flourishing: it will do good for all concerned, from the environment to people, thanks to the reabsorption from the air of 1,497,000 kg of CO2, and to the economic value for the communities which – with dedication and hard work – will take care of them on a day-to-day basis.


For Zignago Vetro this forest is a way to deal with the goals of sustainability, but not only by paying lip service to them. It is a concrete gesture that Zignago Vetro is proud to offer to its clients and stakeholders, and whose effects we are all impatient to see.