“With you, we create Worlds”.


Innovation and creating affinities with people: Zignago Vetro is lots of things, but these two elements summarize the essence and evolution of our company. For that reason, they are also the principal values of the new campaign that will accompany Zignago Vetro’s products.


Our starting point

There is one guiding phrase: “With you, we create Worlds” – just a few words, but they contain everything that Zignago Vetro represents.


Above all, there is our vocation for innovation, a tool we put at people’s disposition for transforming their vision into a tangible product. This is the creativity we put at their service every day, molding something that is unique and giving a form to projects that are destined to make an impact and generate change.


This concept, as it is expressed in our campaign, is translated through our brand’s distinctive graphical elements: the use of photorealistic rendering and evocative compositions conveys Zignago Vetro’s innovative approach.


On the other hand, our understanding with the client is crucial, with their vision being the starting point for every one of our shared projects. Our clients’ ideas are the central thing, and Zignago Vetro then devotes all its efforts to working together with them. As a result of this constructive collaboration, important projects emerge that fully reflect the needs and expectations of those who choose Zignago Vetro as a partner for realizing their ideas.


This aspect also finds expression in our campaign, in the use of an informal, direct and straightforward style of communication, combined with the constant presence of our brand alongside the client and their projects.


Our goal

 To sum up, our company’s products are exactly that: a combination of aesthetics and functionality, in which every detail reflects our commitment to give a shape to creativity in constantly new ways that encompass your vision and your ideas.


Together, we can mold worlds and share the art of giving ideas their true form: a concept that permeates the image and style of every one of Zignago Vetro’s products.

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