Zignago Brosse for Seventy One: an ode to craftsmanship


Certain bottles remind us of the craftsmanship of the past. The one created for the brand Seventy One, for example, is the result of a semi-automatic production process, in which human intervention is necessary to give each item the desired shape. This bottle has a really unique aesthetic appeal, with perfect distribution of the glass to give the contents the absolutely luxurious appearance they deserve.

We love this project because it reminds us of the value of the manual skills and expertise that past generations have handed down to us. The bottle is produced by Zignago Brosse, our brand dedicated to the world of luxury. We are proud that Seventy One has chosen our company as its partner for its gin line. And we are delighted that the bottle has a unique aesthetic appeal thanks to the skillful distribution of the glass created by our outstanding craftsmen.

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