Zignago Vetro and Gambero Rosso, episode 1


How do you tell the story of a company with over a hundred years’ history without being boring? At Zignago Vetro this is something we’ve asked ourselves many times and, when Gambero Rosso came knocking on our door, we decided to try something new. What is it? A web series.

It’s a format that allows us to go into detail about certain features of our Group in a rapid,  serious and captivating way, both for those who are interested in watching them and for those who work for us. We in fact involved some people who have experience of the company every day to tell us about three topics. The series therefore takes the form of three interviews devoted to our history, our production set-up, and sustainability, revealing the secrets and the less well-known aspects of each of these themes.

In the first episode, we go back in time and retrace the history of Zignago Vetro, from the early years when it had another name to the present, when its name is well-known in lots of markets. You can see this episode of the web series by clicking on the link below or on all of Gambero Rosso’s official channels: The Magic of Glass Ep 1

We look forward to welcoming you into our world.