Zignago Vetro and Gambero Rosso, episode 3


At Zignago Vetro, sustainability is not an optional extra: it is an integral part of our everyday work. The third episode of our web series in collaboration with Gambero Rosso is focused on this very topic: transmitting Zignago Vetro’s continuous and ever-increasing commitment towards sustainability.


This is an aspect that is reflected mainly in three areas: environmental, social and governance.


Talking about it this time is the Chief Financial Officer Roberto Celot, who accompanies us in finding out about the actions conducted by the Group and the results we have achieved over the years. 


The third episode is also the one that concludes the voyage of discovery regarding Zignago Vetro. We started off with the history and origin of this company, discovering the roots of what is today a business whose products are used all over the world. In the second installment, we went in to the company to see at first hand the production processes that give rise to Zignago Vetro’s containers, beginning with the final material obtained, i.e., the glass cullet to be recycled. The last episode is the common thread that runs through all of the Group’s choices, decisions and actions: the creation of value for the whole of the ecosystem of which Zignago Vetro is a part.


Don’t miss this account of Zignago Vetro: you can find the whole series online on Gambero Rosso’s official channels: The Magic of Glass Ep. 3