Zignago Vetro and Gambero Rosso: ready for the screening in January


Zignago Vetro’s bottle is back on TV.


After its first showing in December, “Un viaggio con Zignago Vetro”, the program created in conjunction with Gambero Rosso exploring one of the most fascinating themes in the glass industry – recycling and our material’s infinite lifespan – will be on again.


For those who missed the appointment in December
The program will show the voyage of a glass bottle, from the table to its re-use: a process that will see it go through various stages and production facilities – like Julia Vitrum and Zignago Vetro itself – before becoming a new bottle ready to be refilled.


When can you see the program?
Once again, the program will be broadcast on Gambero Rosso’s TV channels (133 and 415 on Sky), on January 17th at 6.30pm and January 26th at 11.00pm. 


We at Zignago Vetro hope you enjoy the show!

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