Zignago Vetro finances the new Recovery Room in Portogruaro hospital


Guaranteeing greater safety for patients, improving the performance of surgical operations, and helping with the activities of the general wards: these are the objectives of the Recovery Room, the new sub-intensive care unit annexed to the operating block of Portogruaro hospital, built in just five months thanks to a donation of one million Euro from Zignago Holding.

President Stefano Marzotto, stressing that the various sectors that make up the Company (Zignago Vetro, the Santa Margherita winery and Zignago Power) immediately agreed to contribute, commented: «Only if one works together as a team can goals like this be attained. Having money is necessary, but what is needed above all are clear ideas and the right people […]. Let’s see if we can even do a bit more in the future», going to show that at Zignago Vetro an open-minded approach to social improvement is not a one-off event but an ongoing commitment.

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