Our mission and vision

The Zignago Vetro Group has adopted a Code of Ethics that formally defines the principles of inspiration and behaviour at the basis of the company’s development and the objectives to be reached in a long-lasting and sustainable manner, through a correct relationship with clients and suppliers, respecting the dignity of all persons who, with their work, contribute to the success of the company.

An ambitious challenge

The group is among the leaders in the packaging industry at an international level: its core business is the production and sale of hollow glass containers which are increasingly innovative and top of the line, aimed at different market segments.

Supplying clients with high quality and safe products, working attentively for sustainability, and choosing to support their shareholders and partners by continuously creating value: these are the objectives of a solid and accomplished business like Zignago Vetro Group.

A Clear Vision

Zignago Vetro Group stands out for the quality of its products and the services it offers to its clients, and in particular for its innovation, creativity and flexibility. But also for its reliability and continuous effort towards improvements.

An integral part of this vision is Zignago Vetro Group’s commitment to placing value on the human factor, and the awareness that its pool of stakeholders goes well beyond customers, and includes their wider environmental, social and local context. From this comes the conviction that respecting the environment and people is fundamental.