Our values

The philosophy of Zignago Vetro Group is based on precise values: diversification of products, made for markets requiring high quality and specific technical features; flexibility and efficiency regarding demand; technological innovation; profound attention to sustainability and creating a circular economy.

Quality: a fundamental concept with two approaches

On the one hand product quality starts with identifying the needs of the client and continues throughout all phases of production and is completed with controls on the final product; the quality of the service is articulated, instead, in the development of personalised products, in punctual delivery times and keeping technology up-to-date, from machinery to staff training.

Flexibility: a technological and human factor

This is acquired through the use of the latest machinery in the production of hollow glass, as well as staff that is well-prepared and versatile, allowing the company to quickly respond to any variation in orders.

Innovation: new solutions for improving products and processes

Some concrete examples of innovation are: the creation of increasingly complex shapes and the study of lighter products, the development of new measures for environmental sustainability, as well as modernising the manufacturing machinery thanks to new technology developed within the Group.

Efficiency: a necessity for successful operations

Combined with a high level of flexibility, the efficiency of the production process and the staff allows the company to operate in different market segments competitively, responding positively and pro-actively to clients’ needs.

Service: an all-round value

Quality service means flexibility of planning, timely responses to client needs, as well as respecting the environment, health in the workplace and safety. A further and concrete interpretation of this concept is found in the wide range of products dedicated to the food & beverage and cosmetics & perfumery markets, which include standard products, always in stock, but also personalised solutions that are refined with secondary processing of great appeal.

Sustainability: tangible measures to promote environmental protection

A fundamental guarantee for the Group to maintain a long-standing top position in the glass industry. In support of this is a system of clear and measurable objectives as well as a governance system that is structured, strict, and rewarding.