Zignago Vetro fully respects all human rights, even in regard to all its stakeholders. It strongly believes that passion, hard work and the values of its employees are at the base of the company’s success, and this creates a dynamic workplace, which is productive and engaging that, by respecting everyone’s needs, values the skills and knowledge of each person.

At the same time, being an international Group, it strongly believes that its social ethic has strong repercussions on the society in which it operates. For this reason, it carries out specific actions aimed at sustaining the ecosystem, an approach which involves and influences the entire value chain.

Human resources management

Zignago Vetro focuses on creating and maintaining the conditions necessary so that, in all the countries in which the Group operates, the skills, talents, and knowledge of each employee are valued and developed, so as to ensure personal growth and the achievement of business goals. The Group’s staff numbers as of 31st December 2019 were 1,733 people with an increase of +54 employees compared to the previous year (+3.22%), a substantial level of female employment, and of permanent contracts.

In addition:
- It has introduced a solid business welfare plan;
- It promotes work-life balance initiatives.

Health and safety in the workplace

The companies making up the Group pay close attention to health and safety in the workplace and to prevention. They adopt all necessary measures in order to analyse all the risks and implement all the prevention and protection measures necessary to minimise them. One of the Group's main objectives is to totally eliminate workplace accidents.

Consumer health and safety

Zignago Vetro adopts and continuously perfects procedures and operating systems aimed at ensuring the highest standards of quality, hygiene and food safety in finished products; and at guaranteeing their traceability. From 2016 to the present, the Group has not recorded any issues of defects leading to health and/or safety risks for consumers.

Personnel Training and Development

Zignago Vetro has always been attentive to developing the professional skills of its staff and their talents. In every country in which the Group operates, training programs are carried out, structured according to need - generic and specific - for all professional categories. In 2019 a total of 16,874 training hours were supplied.
From 2018 the Group started an internal training program, called Zignago Academy, targeted to newly hired employees with potential, aimed at promoting interdisciplinary skills, engagement and managerial development.

Protecting diversity, equal opportunities and non-discrimination

The Zignago Vetro Group works towards promoting diversity and equal opportunities, in particular through the staff hiring process. All companies are against discrimination and in all the countries in which the Group operates, social inclusion policies are promoted aimed at favouring employment and growth opportunities to disadvantaged social groups.


Zignago Vetro favours local suppliers, with the aim of supporting local growth in the community. The purchase of raw materials is done almost exclusively through suppliers located near the manufacturing facilities.
The Zignago Vetro Group is increasingly involving suppliers in its 2030 Agenda, and for this reason the company has created a ‘Supplier Code of Conduct” that integrates some of the most relevant ESG topics. Signing this means also adhering to important social principles.

Social Projects

Support for Fondazione Tommasino Bacciotti

In partnership with other companies, 3,000 air fresheners were donated to the foundation which supports families with children admitted to the Meyer Children's Hospital. The air fresheners were then sold by the Foundation to help with financing.

Supporting Local Communities

The Group has also supported: redevelopment for the local urban area and viability; sports associations and other philanthropic activities; funding 25 scholarships for deserving local students.