The Group

Zignago Vetro is part of Zignago Holding, a company where glassmaking activities merge with other businesses, in particular those of wine production and of electricity generation from renewable resources.
It operates all over the world using a business to business model, responding with quality, efficiency and personalised service to client needs, ranging from the luxury sector to the mass market.

Zignago Vetro

Traded on the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan, in the STAR segment, Zignago Vetro has been at the forefront in the national and international high-quality packaging market since the 1950s.

Its production facilities in Fossalta di Portogruaro and Empoli manufacture glass containers for the food & beverage and cosmetics & perfumery markets. Zignago Vetro offers a wide range of standard items in different capacities and shapes, from the simpler to the most complex, all of great aesthetic appeal. Personalised and customized products are also manufactured, depending on client needs.

Zignago Vetro Brosse

A French company producing glass bottles for high-end perfumery and luxury distilleries.

The facility is located in Vieux Rouen sur Bresle in Normandy, at the heart of a district that has an ancient tradition in the creation of refined bottles for high-end perfumery. High quality and personalisation characterise the products which are manufactured using modern automated machinery as well as more traditional semi-automatic technology. A relevant part of the bottles also undergoes secondary processing for brand enhancement.

Zignago Vetro Polska

A Polish company operating in the international market for glass containers for food & beverage and cosmetics & perfumery.

It offers customized and standard products, and decoration solutions or secondary processing, thanks to the in-house decoration department. It is located near Warsaw in a strategic geographic area in order to cover the traditional European markets and the eastern European ones, now undergoing a phase of strong growth and development.

Zignago Glass USA

The sales office is located in Miami, Florida, in a strategic hub for the American markets.

The sales team has its strength in its in-depth technical knowledge and vast experience of the American market. The sales force is located both in the West Coast and East Coast to cover the entire country as well as South America. The product offer is aimed at the food & beverage and cosmetics & perfumery markets: for the latter, thanks to a close-knit network of sales partnerships, the team can offer complete solutions ranging from glass containers to a wide range of accessories.


World leader in special containers, it operates with four manufacturing sites across North-Eastern Italy.

Vetri Speciali offers a broad number of items and a wide range of colours. It produces personalised bottles for premium wines, oil and liquors, created in original and sophisticated shapes. Small lots can also be manufactured. It combines a high level of flexibility, a great propensity for design and innovative manufacturing technology. Completing the service is a vast catalogue of standard items.


Since 2013 it has been operating in the glass recycling sector with an absolutely cutting-edge plant in the European context.

Located south of Rome, Vetreco carries out all the stages of the treatment of glass cullet from separate collection. It deals with the transformation of furnace-ready cullet, which will be reused by the glassworks with significant and concrete benefits for the environment.


A highly innovative company working in glass recycling.

The modern selection facility of Vetro Revet works every day to prepare glass cullet ready for the furnace by sorting the glass, cleaning it, and separating it from contaminants. This material is then completely reused by Zignago Vetro and transformed into new bottles and jars.


A start-up founded in 2019, it operates in in the glass recycling sector collected through urban recycling programs.

Julia Vitrum, Vetreco and Revet represent Zignago Vetro’s tangible efforts in its promotion of a circular economy and sustainability.