Zignago Brosse

Perfumery connected with famous names in fashion, high-end cosmetics, luxury wines and spirits, all have precise aesthetic needs for branding and appeal. Zignago Brosse is synonymous with luxury packaging, and offers a high level of specialisation: through unique production that brings together automated machinery with more traditional semi-automatic technology of glass masters, for smaller lots, it realizes complex and tailor-made shapes, perfect for the enhancement of every product and brand.

Zignago Brosse realizes extremely high-quality glass bottles that have an absolutely perfect shape, for every single product. In addition to the personalised items according to customer needs, the brand also offers standard product collections, which are available in the catalogue.

Cosmetics & Perfumery

The Zignago Brosse creations include glass bottles of extraordinary quality, for the international luxury and premium market. They satisfy the needs of the main perfumery and cosmetics manufacturers in terms of quality, service, product development and logistics. The Zignago Brosse offer also includes glass stoppers and factice (large scale store display bottles created for promotional purposes) made through semi-automatic machinery.

Food & Beverage

Premium products for luxury spirits and liquors. The characteristics of the product are extra flint and very pure glass, shiny surfaces and faithful reproductions of specific designs. For manufacturing requirements and specific characteristics, their production is usually done using traditional semi-automatic technology that combines technological efficiency and the knowledge of the great glass masters.

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