Zignago Vetro and Art

The “Zignago Vetro and Art” project has been launched, with the aim of highlighting the presence of artistic endeavors in the areas in which we operate, selecting artists who, through their creativity, succeed in opening up new visions of the world, modifying and broadening our perception of the beauty that surrounds us. In this way, Zignago Vetro wishes to express in a forceful manner the intrinsic value of its brand, in which research, innovation, technology and sustainability come together to create new standards of production.

Artistic careers promoted by Zignago Vetro

Each year, Zignago Vetro will dedicate part of its resources to the promotion of artists, putting into effect an extremely fruitful exchange between art and business which, we are certain, will enrich the world we live in and will inspire new emotions for all of us to embrace. “Zignago Vetro and Art” will be a sort of “networked gallery”, which we will share in order to develop a common artistic sensibility. Follow us in this new experience.


The 2023 edition of “Zignago Vetro and Art” is devoted to music, with a concert at the Teatro del Maggio Fiorentino. For the last two years, Zignago Vetro has been supporting the activities of the Maggio, an architectural complex that takes its name from the homonymous festival created to celebrate music and opera. It is a location which, thanks to its proximity to our production facility at Empoli, allows us to put into practice the goal underlying the “Zignago Vetro and Art” project: to interface not only with all forms of art but also, by promoting their cultural resources, with all the local areas in which the company operates.


After giving our support to painting in 2021, for 2022 our chosen initiative is the Gambrinus Mazzotti Literary Prize, dedicated to the best writing on the themes of the mountains, ecology and nature, akin to the corporate direction concentrating on sustainability undertaken by Zignago Vetro. For the occasion, we have produced a comic book in collaboration with some of the artists from the Treviso Comic Book Festival. Through the adventures of a character called “Bottle”, readers will be able to find out about the regenerative cycle of glass.


The art of Maurizio D’Agostini inaugurates the “Zignago Vetro and Art” project. The continuous rebirth of matter, celebrated in the evolutions of myths that recompose the spaces of our development with the gracefulness of flight and the wisdom of the masters of ancient times: that is what lies behind “Infinito”, a limited-edition engraving in which a flock of birds forms a spiral that revolves around itself towards infinity. In mythology, birds and the concept of infinity came together in the figure of the Phoenix which, like glass, can regenerate itself an infinite number of times from its ashes.


At the event in partnership with Gambero Rosso for the presentation of its 2022 “Italian Wines” Guide, Zignago Vetro rewarded the winery that won the Award for Sustainable Wine Production with a work by Maurizio D'Agostini: a sculpture in terracotta – on a Corten steel base – which stands on pieces of glass made at our production unit at Fossalta di Portogruaro. The work represents a Phoenix, a mythological bird which, like glass, can regenerate itself an infinite number of times from its ashes. The concept of sustainability is, therefore, conveyed in this work of art through the presence of glass and of a figure that recalls its qualities of endless recyclability and circularity.