Zignago Vetro

With many years’ experience in the glass packaging industry for the food & beverage and cosmetics & perfumery markets, Zignago Vetro is one of the leading companies at an international level. Thanks to its know-how and flexibility, it is the only glass producer capable of offering a wide range of products, both standard and personalised, with different colours, unique details, shapes and dimensions, for both markets.

Synonymous with efficiency, quality, technological innovation and service, the Zignago Vetro brand is recognised as a leader in its field. Zignago Vetro is focused on the mid-range market and niche sectors in mass market, as well as operating in masstige and lifestyle.

Cosmetics & Perfumery

Jars for creams, bottles for nail polish, bottles for perfumes and skincare products. The characterising elements of these containers are:
- innovative and customizable design
- high levels of aesthetic quality
- guaranteed homogeneity thanks to an accurate distribution of glass and a near absence of imperfections.

Food & Beverage

High quality jars for foods, like baby food and tomato sauces, bottles for still and sparkling wines, olive oil, liquors and spirits. The advantages of these glass products are:
- the design of some of the most widespread shapes in the market
- the elaboration of bespoke solutions for clients
- high levels of aesthetic quality
- the sophistication of glass works.

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