Zignago Vetro

With its solid and long-standing experience in the world of glass packaging for the Food & Beverage and Cosmetics & Perfumery markets, Zignago Vetro has established itself as one of the world’s outstanding firms in its field. The company puts its know-how and its flexibility at the service of your projects, always guaranteeing a wide spectrum of products and solutions, both standard and customized.

Synonymous with quality, technological innovation and service, the brand is recognized as a leader in its sectors of reference. Zignago Vetro is geared towards various segments of the market, from standard products for the mass market to niche products, including those in the areas of masstige and lifestyle. Moreover, some of its creations are destined for the markets of luxury and the leading brands.

A large catalog of standard products, which can always be personalized, as well as numerous custom solutions to make your ideas become a reality.

Cosmetics & Perfumery

In a sector in which the aesthetics of the packaging has the task of adding personality to the product and make it stand out from the crowd, Zignago Vetro’s range distinguishes itself with its:

  • - Design that is customizable and responds to the need of the project;
  • - High aesthetic quality;
  • - Homogeneity, guaranteed by careful distribution of the glass within the container and an almost total absence of imperfections.

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Food & Beverage

Glass is a material which, thanks to its distinctive properties, is ideal for use in the food industry. For this reason, our company has devised a range that is entirely dedicated and customizable. Its plus points are:

  • - Designs with the shapes that are most popular commercially;
  • - Development of ad hoc solutions for the client;
  • - Notable aesthetic sophistication, with extraordinary appeal in mind;
  • - Refinement in the processing of the glass.

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Creations for the luxury market
Tailor-made solutions for the top brands.

Zignago Vetro also includes among its products those dedicated for the luxury market, which respond to the precise aesthetic demands of the top brands with regard to the worlds of premium perfumery and cosmetics, as well as those of top-quality wines and spirits.

Thanks to its unique production methods for smaller lots, which combine automated machinery with the traditional semi-automated technology of the master glassmakers, our company can create complex, made-to-measure shapes that always guarantee extremely high-quality production and perfect highlighting of the specific characteristics and prestige of any product and brand.

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